How to Negotiate After COVID-19

26 year old negotiate pay

#JustABoss is a blog series about women who negotiate their pay to level up in their careers and their financial journeys!

For this weeks #JustABoss spotlight, Meet Angelie, a current marketing professional with 3 years of working experience. After being furloughed from COVID, she secured a new role at the top of the salary range by taking the leap and negotiating! 



Years of Experience: 


How did you first negotiate?

 So, I first applied for a job with a salary listed from a minimum range to a maximum range. I had been looking for months and applied to nearly 200 jobs (thanks to Covid), and this was my first legitimate offer!! It was EXACTLY the job I wanted. But they offered me the lowest amount on their listed salary range. 

Based off my qualifications, I knew I deserved the highest offering. So, I emailed back saying I would absolutely love to work with them. I showed my enthusiasm, yet said based on my experience & skills, I’d only be comfortable accepting “x” salary. My husband amped me up, and I pressed send. This female-founded & run company graciously accepted my offer, and I love working there.

How did you prepare to negotiate? 

It took me a little while to get finally get it perfect. I wrote like 5 drafts (LOL) and sent them to my husband to see what was the best.

What are your best tips to get in the right mindset before you negotiated?

Think of or write down your skills and qualifications. Focus on all that you offer. Then you will better believe in and know your value! You deserve what you’re negotiating.

Have you ever dealt with imposter syndrome in your negotiating?

Yes!! I was so scared, especially of losing it. It is my first job post college. It really helps to focus on your achievements and skills (and find a good hype person!!)

Have you ever tried to negotiate outside of your compensation?

No, but I can see it happening! In my next role, I will definitely be trying to negotiating some more PTO and a more flexible work schedule!

What financial goals are you currently working on and how has negotiating impacted your financial journey?

It gave me the confidence that I am a boss — not just a girl boss. I am working toward creating a passive income. This confidence definitely is helping me see that I can ask for the compensation I truly deserve. My skills AND time are valuable.

If you could offer one piece of advice to someone who is nervous to negotiate, what would it be?

Don’t get too caught up with imposter syndrome, you can do this. Practice in your head, proof read, and just send! Hype yourself up by journaling all the reasons you ARE qualified.

Where can my followers find you?

They can find me on instagram @selfcaredare to for self care inspiration!

Have a good negotiation story and want to be featured in the #JustABoss Series?

How This 26 Year Old Negotiates after being laid off from covid 19

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For this weeks #JustABoss spotlight, Meet Angelie, a current marketing professional. After being furloughed from COVID, she secured a new role at the top of the salary range!