#JustABoss #1: Meet Ceci, Googler who negotiated a 30% raise

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#JustABoss is a blog series about women who’ve negotiated their pay to level up in their careers and their financial journeys!

For this weeks #JustABoss spotlight, Meet Ceci, a 25 year old working in the Technology industry who negotiated her pay 30%. 

Industry :


Years of Experience:

3 years

What’s your Negotiation Story?

I work in revenue strategy and last year I learned that I was being paid less than some of my peers. Raises and bonuses are up to manager discretion and I had previously had a manager who did not give much discretion during performance review time. 

I did my research and learned about relative comparisons to my role not only in the industry but within the company (20+ insights) and then I took it to my manager and my skip level and I asked for them to get close to a certain number. I did ask for a percentage. I just said I would like for you to get close to this number, full well knowing that the number was a 30% raise in total compensation package. 

Well, exciting news! They hit the number barely with their compensation refresh so I learned to always ask!

How did you first prepare to negotiate?

I did a bunch of research on Glassdoor and asking peers who I am close to!

What are your best tips to get in the right mindset?

The biggest most important tip I have is go in with CONFIDENCE. 

Show that you have made an impact and that you are deserving of this raise or whatever you are negotiating. Put together a list of “work wins”, bring in research you’ve done and ask away!

 The worst thing they can say is no. The best thing they can do is match your research!

Have you ever dealt with imposter syndrome in your negotiating?:

Yes. I deal with imposter syndrome all the time. Do I deserve this? How did I end up here? They must have wanted someone else! 

But after doing my research and putting together how much impact I’ve had, it showed me how much I add to the team and the things they could not do without me. I have value and matter!

Have you ever tried to negotiate outside of your compensation?

Pre-COVID, I negotiated a day to work from home every single week!

How has negotiating impacted your financial journey?

YES massively!

This extra 30% in the coming year will allow me to make more and continue spending the same. It allows me to reach my goals faster because I’m not changing my lifestyle.

If you could offer one piece of advice to someone who is nervous to negotiate, what would it be?

You are a valuable asset to your team! Imagine all the things that would be chaos if you left! You hold HUGE value!

Do you have anything else you would like to share?

Negotiating is complex and definitely difficult manager to manager. But at the end of the day, your manager should want you to WIN and stay at the company!

Where can my followers find you?

You can find Ceci’s instagram @financesreimagined where she posts all things personal finance!

Have a good negotiation story and want to be featured in the #JustABoss Series?

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